Erik - CEO & President

Erik has over 25 years in the music industry filling several roles such as music producer, songwriter, session producer with commercial artists , A&R for major labels, etc. After years working in the industry Erik opened his own artist management and develop company because he has a great love for working and developing up and coming artists. With his vast experience and knowledge he is able to help artist transform from just starting out to an artist that is a real contender in the business. Outside of management and development he has also works as a consultant for other management companies and production teams. 


Islam - Head of Mix and Mastering

Islam is an audio engineer from Poland. After finishing high school, he got interested in music creation process - recording, producing, mixing, etc., and he immediately started taking piano classes to learn about music language, as he knew, that this would be a good first step in starting his career in the music industry. At this point, the interest in sound and audio grew more and more, especially in the music mixing process. Being fascinated by how amazing a song can sound thanks to mixing, and how it can take the song to a whole another level, he decided to become one of those behind the scenes guys. That's why he went to college to study audio engineering, in the capital of his country - Warsaw, and got his bachelor's degree in 2020. After investing so many hours in listening to music and training his ear, he is ready to help people achieve a great sound, with both technical and emotional level. 


Shahzeb - Visual Animation and Design

My name is Shahzeb and I have been creating animations and graphics designs for the past 4 years. From logo animation to business cards and brochure designs, I create everything everyday. I'm a computer engineer and I started this as a hobby but it has now become a vital part of my life. My work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, and as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use. My secret is that I love what I do and I'm always passionate about it. Always looking forward to learn new things!


DJ Fawad - DJ and Remix Specialist

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, DJ Fawad is an musician, composer and producer. He began playing with remixing his favorite songs at the age of 15. The in 1998 he began to Dj professionally. His unique style of mixing international tracks and keeping a party moving has given him a great reputation among the Afghan/International community. Without doubt, he has become an iconic figure in the Afghan music industry and beyond. With a career spanning three  decades,  has captivated audiences across the globe with  signature heavy-hitting cross-genre sound that mixes up Breakbeat and Bass Music with Electro/ClubHouse. , skillful DJ mixes and successful releases. Today, he is looking to continue his passion of giving audiences a musical journey through the much anticipated releases to come.


Peter aka S.B. - Graphic Design

My name is Peter.  I am a North Dakota boy.  I worked for 25 years in Live Broadcast News Television before changing my career.  I moved from Pueblo, CO to Minneapolis to be closer to family.  I attended Hennepin Technical College and earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.  I am currently employed by Lifetouch working with Yearbooks.  I met Erik in the fall of 2018 when I became a graphic designer for AMC Music.


Magic- Producer

Marius Rozsdas better known as Magic Juice is a Hungarian/German award winning music producer, top liner and songwriter. He has perfected his craft during the last 15 years, collecting under his belt 3 No 1 tracks and numerous top 10 and top 45 records.  He worked alongside Trackmasters and many of his successful records are the result of a collaboration with Grammy winning engineers such as Tom Coyne, Chris Gehringer, Alex Psaroudakis and Luca Pretolesi.  Wherever he laid a beat was his home, working in Germany, Sweden, Canada and lately UK. His work got him record deals with Sony Music and BMG among the others. ‘Magic’, as his friends and partners call him, is a prolific R’n’B, Hip Hop, Neo Soul. Pop and Dance music producer.  He is ‘married’ to his work. He’s always working to come up with the next thing, he is commited to improving his skills, staying humble and continuosly trying to discover more and more.

And he’s always in the studio, so drop by anytime.