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About Us

About Us

Aggressive Music Group brings decades of musical experience to the industry. We can tailor programs to fit any artist's goal. We offer production, artists development and management, along with other services. As a company, we have worked hard to gain a strong network of industry leaders with a vast area of expertise. We strive to be the best at what we do by doing whatever it takes to deliver the best results for our artists.

Aggressive Music Group is comprised of several industry professionals that have a combined 60 years of experience in the music business. The team is led by a talented producer named TAAZE. 


After gaining years of experience and perfecting his craft, TAAZE decided to branch out and work with the unsigned artist population. He teamed up with other professional producers to develop TAAZE music.


At Aggressive Music Group, an artist will find all the services needed to make them successful. We work with any artist at any level. Our team has all the right tools under one roof. There is no limit to the potential an artist can reach with us

Aggressive Music Group has a solid reputation with its industry contacts as being trustworthy, reliable, and cutting edge. When we reach out to our contacts we are taken seriously and are given prompt responses. 


 AMG just doesn't send any artist or song to our contacts, we only put our name behind a project that has the utmost potential of piquing the interest of industry executives.

We are consistantly updating our vast roster of music industry contacts to ensure we have the most up to date network that is proven to get results. Some of our network consists of the following:

  • Universal, Sony, Warner Music, Atlantic, Republic, Interscope, Capitol, Columbia, Epic, and RCA

  • Radio Promotion Executives Including I Heart Radio.

  • Promotional Companies in Europe and the U.S.

  • European Labels

  • Promoters

  • Film/TV/Commerical Placement

  • DJ Pools/Club Promotions



andrada 2.jpeg

Andrada Popa is an actress/singer-songwriter who has taken on the spotlight from a very young age. She represented Romania at Eurovision Junior when she was only 10 years old and won over 30 trophies at music contests across Europe.

At the age of 13, she booked her first major role in what had to become the most awarded musical TV Drama in Romania, 'Pariu cu Viata'. At the same time, she became a member of the very popular 'La La Band' with whom she toured in over 30 cities. She and her band won 'Teen Idol' at Romanian Music Awards and been awarded 'The Golden Disc' for selling over 10.000 copies of their album. After 4 seasons of 'Pariu cu Viata' and 3 national tours with 'La La Band', she launched her solo

career as a pop singer, and released two singles ‘Champions in Disguise’ and ‘1,2,3’ under Cat Music Romania before moving to London in 2016 to get her degree in Musical Theatre.

Whilst studying Musical Theatre at London College of Music, she started a collaboration with Universal Music Publishing, ITV and Sky TV UK, writing and performing on projects such as Love Island, Sierpień w HBO and multiple international ads and trailers. 

In 2022, Andrada starred in a Netflix movie called "The Rope" in her home country, Romania. She has also released her newest single "If he wanted too he would" along with the video!

Trev & Leo Org-425_edited.jpg
Trevin & Leo

Brother Duo, Trevin and Lee Davis, better known as Trevin and Leo, first came together in 2010. Hailing from southern Louisiana, they were exposed to all styles of music through faith, family, and friends. Although their family were not musically inclined, the duo somehow understood the power of music but neither set out to pursue it as a career. They saw the impact it had on their lives but it wasn’t until years later that the brothers developed a strong love and passion for music. That new found love led to late night writing sessions and missing classes which brought the duo to a crossroad.

Though they knew all odds were stacked against them, their passion to pursue music prevailed. Willing to go wherever this new calling led, the duo found themselves relocating to Nashville. On the verge of signing a record deal and multiple management deals, the brothers decided to go another route. One that would lead them to finding themselves and their true artistry. Now, years later, the brothers have not only found their sound and style but their voice and is ready to share it. Their music is all about life. The beauty of falling in love and the struggles of staying in love. That self worth and self love is the key to finding true happiness and the cornerstone of knowing ones true worth. Hopes and dreams and encouraging others to pursue their passions no matter what. “You were put here for a purpose and a reason and don’t let anyone try to stop you nor deny you from conquering that very thing”.


Erik AKA TAAZE,has over 25 years in the music industry filling several roles such as music producer, songwriter, session producer with commercial artists , A&R for major labels, etc. After years working in the industry Erik opened his own artist management and develop company because he has a great love for working and developing up and coming artists. With his vast experience and knowledge he is able to help artist transform from just starting out to an artist that is a real contender in the business. Outside of management and development he has also works as a consultant for other management companies and production teams. 

Some of the specific areas Erik has worked with artists on are as follows:

  •  Contract Negotiation

  • Label/Publisher Shopping/Exposure

  • Coordinating Production

  • Assisting With Development Team

  • Assisting To Secure Booking Team

  • Overall Career Direction

  • Financial/Budget Planning

  • Representing Artists In All Negotiations

  • Marketing/Advertising Plan

  • Original Instrumentals

  • Song Arrangement and Writing

  • Production Planning

  • Mixing/Mastering

  • Mentoring

  • Remixing

  • Strategizing

  • Coordinating Projects

  • Image Consulting

  • Online Media Site Consulting

  • Coordinating With Production Team

  • Photo Selection

  • Assisting with Biography

  • EPK/Press Kit

  • Live Performance Coaching

  • Career Planning






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