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Aggressive Music Group is comprised of several industry professionals that have a combined 60 years of experience in the music business. The team is led by a talented producer named Radikal. 


After gaining years of experience and perfecting his craft, Radikal decided to branch out and work with the unsigned artist population. He teamed up with other professional producers to develop Radikal Beatz.


At Aggressive Music Group, an artist will find all the services needed to make them successful. We work with any artist at any level. Our team has all the right tools under one roof. There is no limit to the potential an artist can reach with us

Aggressive Music Group has a solid reputation with its industry contacts as being trustworthy, reliable, and cutting edge. When we reach out to our contacts we are taken seriously and are given prompt responses. 


 AMG just doesn't send any artist or song to our contacts, we only put our name behind a project that has the utmost potential of piquing the interest of industry executives.